Here We Go…

So, this is my very first blog and to be honest…I’m not really sure what to say! Isn’t that a wonderful start?! But really, I started this blog in hopes to inspire myself to stay creative and share it with other people. After graduating college with a degree in studio art, I am armed with a degree, a creative knowledge, an uncanny knack for finding free wi-fi, and the constant desire to stay artsy. Yes…I said “artsy”! (See below for a very scientific definition)

artsy (adj.):art-see</ having the qualities of anything creative or expressive

Well, I figured my blog…my lingo! So, here we go! Feeling like this is somewhat like a open road (full of possibilities), here’s to sharing the things I’m working on or interested in! The things that inspire me and perhaps might inspire you too! Enjoy!


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