Because I “felt” like it! :)

One thing that I’m really liking at the moment are felt projects and felted animals (especially owl stuff!). I was particularly inspired by a japanese sewing/craft book that had these amazing patterns for animals, sachets, and other adorable things. But many of the crafts in the book required a felt that was 33 mm. thick, which I found hard to come by in the states! Still in love with these projects and the idea of felt stuffed animals, I decided to try just regular craft felt and some embroidery floss and gave it a go!

The craft felt has worked great so far and I’ve made quite a few objects! I’ve had no formal sewing classes, but I figured if I could sew a button…why not something else? And since I have no experience with fancy sewing techniques I also lack the know-how of working a sewing machine (one day…), so anything I’ve sewed, has been done by hand. While my own stubbornness might be encouraging this notion, I actually find that hand-sewn crafts look slightly better. There is a folksy quality about hand-sewn objects that I like…so I’m sticking with it! 🙂


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