Murals…By Me

With a love for painting and decor, I found that painting murals combines the two loves in perfect harmony! Whenever I paint a mural, I always think of an old joke we used to say to each other in art school, which was,”When in doubt, go bigger!”. Going bigger is the current state of mind I’ve been in lately, not only in a literal manner (creating large-sized murals!), but in a artistic manner as well (putting my art out there in the world!! Ok… perhaps that was a tad dramatic).

I am really excited though that I’ve been asked to do some murals for my friends because as an artist, you always question your abilities. At least I do! So, I’m pleased that not only am I able to paint to my heart’s delight on somebody’s wall ,but the fact that they enjoy it as much as I do.

These are some pics I did in for a bathroom. I wanted to do a child-like urban city scene that combined modernized decor with park elements (and a few cute critters!). I cannot take full credit for this design, as I was inspired by my friend’s shower curtain that had some adorable trees on them (thanks David and Chel!), but the rest of it I can! 🙂

And this is actually done on a hallway closet for my friend Suzie. A long time ago, she had sponge painted this closet and now felt like the sponge-painted effect was slightly outdated. So, we looked online for inspiration and and saw a full-sized mural that someone had done in a living room that was so…well cool! Suzie particularly liked the colors and the birds in the trees. It definitely felt like a design that could be done on a closet space without looking too cramped or awkward.


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