Something old… Something new…

One question I get asked a lot is, “What is your favorite medium to work with?”, and my answer is… any kind of paint! I absolutely love painting and to me, there’s nothing quite like mixing colors on a palette and applying some strokes of paint on a canvas, illustrations board, masonite, etc. While that might sound corny and a bit cheesy, it’s true in my heart!

So, while I do need to dig out some of my old paintings from college and take pics, here is something old and something new to display.

The painting on the left is called “Mother and Child” and belongs to my sister Kat. I did this painting quite a few years ago for my sister when she requested a painting from me. This was my first experience with oil paint and one thing that I particuarly like about this painting is the idea that I did this before I was exposed to art school. Don’t get me wrong, I had an amazing time in my art classes and learned some invaluable techniques, however, there is something about an untouched creative mind that I find very organic and free. In fact, when I look at this painting, it doesn’t resemble anything of my style today and maybe that’s what I like the most. It’s just another way to see how creativity can truly grow!

The painting on the right, is a painting I did for my friend Kristy, who is actually my sister’s friend and roommate. For her birthday, she requested a painting that would hang in her house forever (since one day my sister will move out and take her painting with her!). She asked me to paint something that reminded me of her and right away I thought of tea cups! Kristy has an amazing assortment of tea cups (enough to make bring Martha Stewart to her knees!) and I just thought a whimsical painting of tea cups was just the painting for my friend! The title for this work is ” “K” is for Kristy”. This painting was done with acrylic paint.


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