Tea Stained Paper

In a couple of weeks, I’m going to participate in a Craft Show where I’m hopefully going to sell a few of my felt creations. This not only means parting with a few close-“knit” friends (haha..oh man, I just crack myself up!), but dressing them up so they may go home with someone else (sniff..sniff*). In the dressing department, I’ve found some cute cellophane bags that I plan to put them in with some cute tags attached. I found some price tags at Staples and to my dismay, the only color choices they had were white and white!

So, knowing that white is clean and nice on some occasions, they just didn’t quite fit the selling/appearance agenda I was seeking I had to come up with a color plan. Luckily, I remembered in art school, this girl in a typography class did this really cool thing with staining her paper with tea. The effect of her paper looked something like parchment paper, but not quite with the same transparency of parchment paper (but half the cost!).

Anyways, I tried it with my little white tags and was quite pleased with the results! I brewed myself a little cup of Irish Breakfast tea and dunked my tags in for about 1-2 minutes and…waalaaa instant antiqued tags! One thing that kind of came as a bonus was that, the tea even stained the little piece of thread that was attached to the tags a slightly darker brown and it looks super cute! (*perhaps the phrase “super cute” is not a formal artistic term, but hello?! It is super cute!!)


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