Hello 2011…Good-bye 2010!

While it feels like it had been centuries since I have updated my blog, it has also been centuries since I have had time to so anything remotely creative! So, in lieu of the coming New Year, I’ve decided that I’m going to give myself a creative challenge this year and really push myself to put together a collection. I’m constantly thinking of different concepts and ideas to incorporate for a collection, but this is the year I’m finally going to put my thoughts into action!

I must admit that even though I have an arts background, encouragement from my family and friends, and the general love of art, I am my biggest enemy when it comes to actually thinking that I could actually do the things I’m thinking of. Who knew that I would have to defeat my own doubts, worries , and criticisms? I’m thinking that this general self sabotage is a normal phenomenon though, or else why would they have the saying, “You are your worst critic”?. 🙂 This year, I’m going to try to be fearless when it comes to my art and just try the things I’m afraid to do.

So, 2010, while we had our share of fond memories and pasts, I’m ready to start 2011 with a little more gusto and fearlessness! Thank you 2010, but H-E-L-L-OOoooo 2011!!


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