Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day, But That’s No Excuse!

They say that “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, and that can certainly be said about the “progress” of my blog lately. I can either be defined as a blog slacker or perhaps incredibly busy, but either way it doesn’t excuse the fact that I have indeed neglected my poor little blog! Not that people are exactly waiting on bated breath or anything for my next posting (although it would be nice to have a captive audience!). I just personally feel bad because this blog is intended to be the wheel of my creativity! The thing that puts my creative mind into motion! The thing that perpetuates art to flow through my bloodstream and onto a canvas or paper! The thing that is my “Rome” if you will! But lately, it’s been the thing that just sits around waiting…and waiting…and waiting some more for a new post.

To be perfectly honest with myself, you (how sad…I’m speaking to myself which actually might be considered third person…which is still not good!) you have been BUSY!! And perhaps this is one of the hardest things about trying to keep making art because of the actual lack of time in a day. Between work, commuting, volunteering, picking up a few mural jobs here and there, training for a half marathon,making time for family and friends, and perhaps throwing in at least a few hours of sleep…I’m spent! But what I can say is this, even though I may be so exhausted when I walk through my door, and the t.v. and couch are luring me with the ease of some mind-numbing hours of commercial-free dvr recordings, there is nothing like the satisfaction of sitting down and creating something. Now, I’m not saying that I’m going to be a starving artist and only focus on my art 24/7 (#1. I’d never make rent  and #2. the word “starving” just isn’t too appealing!), but its truly just a matter of putting on my blinders and sitting at my desk. In fact, I should create a banner that sits on the wall behind my couch that reads “Rome wasn’t built in a day…however this couch is seriously delaying you!”.

But enough complaining and self-loathing! It’s time for me to pick up where I left, brick by brick, and continue building my “Rome”. So dear little blog, although I have put you aside lately, I’m back and ready for more!



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