Doesn't this remind you of a PBS art program?! I heart happy trees!

Isn’t it weird when you find something appealing in the least likely of places? Recently, I found an amazing oil painting of a stormy summer sky in the bathroom (yep…bathroom) of a local bakery in my neighborhood! Aside from the fact that, that this bakery makes cakes and tartes that can be deemed “drool-worthy”, they also have a cozy and french/eclectic decor that makes it quite suitable for the bathroom to have a hidden gem within it!

I wish I could post a picture of this piece of art on my blog and give it the true recognition is deserves (ahem…perhaps not in a bathroom!!), but due to the fact that I don’t know the artist and am slightly afraid of being sued (I live in So Cal, it’s possible) for not having the rights….I can’t. But what I can say is, that I was so moved by this art because for me it was like a painting of what “hope” would look like if it were to be rendered in a painting. Maybe it was the small beacon of light, amongst a vast sky full of cumulous clouds that spoke to me. Or maybe it was the way the path curved toward an unknown destination. Either way, it seemed to illustrate a sense of hope. Hope in the way that, even though there may be a lot of grey areas in life to be decided, there is a light, and it’s worth holding on to.

I wanted to re-create my “hope” picture for my house to always remind to see the light in all the grey areas. In the original painting, the clouds are more realistic and have a less painterly approach than mine. You can’t see it in this picture, but I did add some golden tones to some of the clouds to create some warmth in the clouds too. Another difference between the original and mine, are the fact that I added a field of poppies (a flower that is just so darn cheerful!). After I finished the painting, I realized that what I made was now a hybrid of that beautiful painting in the bathroom/ Monet’s “Poppy Field at Argenteuil”! What do you think? 🙂


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