Hey Kids! Did you miss me?

Happy 2012! Uh…yes I am keenly aware of the fact that it is already March and I haven’t blogged in quite a while, but I’m back and I missed you (I hope you missed me…even a little). Anyways, I’ve recently joined another blog (gasp! Blog cheater!!!), but actually by doing this, it has perpetuated more creative juices because it’s actually a blog about not being a procrastinating artist.

Every month, we are “assigned” a theme to work from and this month’s theme is telephone poles. Automatically, my mind went,”Telephone poles…wires…birds on a wire…birds chatting it up…Ahah! A little bird told me!!!”. Yep, that’s how the wheels turn my friends! So with that idea in mind, I thought about creating a collage of different birds all chit-chatting, but it all stemming from a bird sitting on a telephone wire. Here’s what I currently have. My personal favorite though, is my little hipster bird (love how he’s rocking the Movember stash!) 😉


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