Cali Christmas Cocktail

November Leaves

It’s November. (Actually when I started this post, it was November…please just play along)

A time for Thanksgiving Day feasts, pumpkin flavored everything, sweaters, and best of all…warm drinks by the fireplace.

However, if you live in my neighborhood, you would be experiencing the 75-80* weather and in that case, a warm drink by the fire sounds disgusting! Bleh!

At a recent get together, one of my dearest friends Reagan created a cocktail that was not only worth sharing, but worth repeating again and again…and again (did I mention again?).

Often at Reagan’s house, we are spoiled to a variety of different cocktails that she cleverly thinks up. Halloween cocktails with dry ice, martinis with candy-edged rims, fruit muddled margaritas, and most recently…a California Christmas cocktail! (‘Cause Christmas is right around the corner!)

Inspired by one amazing watermelon-rosemary lemonade (offered at the restaurant “Lemonade” in Los Angeles), Reagan created the trifecta of a California holiday cocktail:

  1. Cool and refreshing (especially in this November heat..sheesh!)
  2. Festive (rosemary garnish that acts as a Christmas tree… pure genius)
  3. So good, it will make you want it to be Christmas all year long!
The stuff you'll need!

The stuff you’ll need!


  • Vodka
  • Fresh seedless watermelon, chopped into cubes
  • Lemon juice
  • Rosemary infused simple syrup (recipe below)
  • Soda Water
  • Fresh Rosemary sprigs

Tools Needed For the Job:

  • Kitchen blender
  • A strong will to keep you from resampling over and over again because it is so tasty and you will want to covet every last drop!

Rosemary Simple Syrup Directions:

I wish this was a scratch and sniff picture because it smells heavenly!

I wish this was a scratch and sniff picture because it smells heavenly!

In a small sauce pan, combine one part sugar and one part water (one cup: one cup) and bring to a boil. Once boiling, add one rosemary sprig to the water mixture and allow to boil for 2-3 minutes. After the simple syrup has become infused with the rosemary, remove the rosemary and allow the simple syrup to cool.

Cocktail Directions:

In a blender, combine the vodka (as much or as little…but really who wants as little?!), watermelon cubes, lemon juice (about half the juice of one lemon), and rosemary simple syrup (again, add to your tasting) and mix until well blended. Consistency should be a bit on the grainy side because of the watermelon, but not overly blended.

All in the mix!

All in the mix!

If you really want to bump up the rosemary flavor, add a few leaves of rosemary to the mix and blend further until combined.

After all the necessary blending (and sampling) has been done, mix in the soda water to add just a little bit of effervescence and sparkle.

Garnish the edge of the glass with sugar

Add a watermelon slice (Bam! Sorry…I felt like sound effects might add more drama)…

Add your cocktail (Glug, glug…ok I’ll stop now!)…

Throw in your Christmas tree (Rosemary sprig… I felt the clarification necessary)…

Reagan's Cali Christmas Cocktail

Reagan’s Cali Christmas Cocktail

And you’ve got yourself a cup of California Christmas! (Tah-dahhh! I can’t help myself)

Cheers Reagan! 😉


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