The Beauty of Process


A few weeks ago, I started working on a contemporary piece that I had no clue where I was going with.

Literally, no clue…

I had tons of creative ideas and motivations, however, when I stared at my gigantic blank canvas, my thoughts couldn’t translate into art. I was suffering from what I considered to be “White Canvas Syndrome”. The syndrome that occurs when there are too many creative possibilities flying around and zero sense of tackling one down.

So, like any skilled and planned artist, I said to myself “Oh hell!” and cracked open and bottle of wine and started laying down some paint!

Often times, I get wrapped up in pre-planned ideas and meanings in art. I spend so much time thinking about a project before I actually commit to it. I draft up variables of ideas and concepts (which can be helpful), but I also tend to forget about the beauty of process and letting things just “happen”. And there is definitely something to be said about just letting things happen.

And that’s exactly what I did. I broke away from my comfort zone of doing what I know and just painted because I felt like it. I didn’t give into thinking about what the end product was going to look like, or what the next step was. Ironically when I did this, the exact opposite happened, and before I knew it I had created something that seemed like it was carefully thought out.

I drew out lines and patterns that came up organically. I painted without a preplanned color scheme. I drew out prisms and planes that seemed to go nowhere. I just… painted.

I’m not saying that I came up with anything genius or deeply moving. I didn’t create a piece of art that means anything. I just created a simple reminder to myself of how brilliant it can be to just let things happen.



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