Raspberry Jam and Brie Filled Pretzel Pockets

So good, you wanna take a nap inside one...

So good, that you will make life-long friends with these…

I’m the Anti-Atkins.

A gluten-glutton.

No bagel, baguette, or breadstick is safe when I’m around.

One of my very favorite things in this world is a soft pretzel. Not to be too picky, but I’m not talking about the kind you find in the mall (however I have been known to purchase a few every now and then). But rather, I love the kind you can find at the baseball game. The kind that has that perfect chewy pretzel brine coating.

I have tried several soft pretzel recipes that have all been undoubtedly delicious. Warm and doughy, but still lacking that pretzely-outside goodness. I even went as far as Googling Super Pretzel copy cat recipes and found out that what makes a pretzel taste like a pretzel is a certain type of food grade lye!

Food grade lye is something I don’t have the slightest idea how to use or attain, and since it seems like something that would require a mask and hazmat suit, I figured it would just have to be one of my life’s greatest mysteries and conundrums.

That was up until I stumbled upon this little Pinterest gem! A recipe for Raspberry Jam and Brie filled pretzel pockets!


Recipes that require a risen dough can always be a tad on the daunting side, but this recipe was incredibly easy to follow and the results were nothing shy of amazing!

Here is my little note of gratitude to Stephanie at the blog Girl Versus Dough…

Dear Stephanie,

You are my pretzel savior! I’m forever indebted to you because of your fabulous recipe!

Your Forever Friend (even though we have never formerly met…),



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